The Bridge Program



The Bridge program offers 18-21 year old students Life skill training, Job skill training, Social skill training and community interaction skills.  The Bridge program is based in an off campus location in the Douglas community.  The location provides students with a realistic life experience which will help aid students in the transition process from school to adulthood.  Students take part in a variety of daily activities including meal preparation, shopping, daily household chores, work experience, community interaction and recreational activities

Purpose and Goal:

To serve 18-21 year old students

To transition students from DHS to a real world environment

Off campus location

Social skill enhancement/training

LAST stop on students’ educational journey

Job Training:

Job Training/working

Soft employment skills

Program will provide job coach/transportation

Social skills on the job

Life Skills:




Personal Hygiene



Transportation  (public/school)

Social skill training in all above areas

Community Exploration:

Community Outings (daily,weekly,monthly)

Fundraising activities (for year- end trip)

Community service projects (learn to give back)

Social skill training/interaction with persons outside the program

ESY Summer program:

Not a typical ESY program

Three activities/summer

Social skill reinforcement/enhancement during ESY activities

Parental involvement (weekly activities)

Using technology/smart board, I-PADS

Technology social skills